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How to transform your room with a TV Bed

How to transform your room with a TV Bed

When purchasing a new piece of furniture, such as a TV bed, there are multiple choices to keep in mind. From overall usage and practical functionality, right through to price and aesthetics.

For the majority of buyers, how we interact with our furniture and the overall design appeal are the key deciders when shopping, and we don’t blame them! These factors can, quite simply, change the look and feel of a room in an instant.

That’s why, at TVbedstore we curate our collection of TV beds with the latest interior trends in mind, from neutral, calming shades to rich, homely textures, we want you to find your perfect match. With a considered selection to blend in with your home life and selected colour schemes, we can help talk you through each design option in-person to help transform and upgrade your bedroom both visually and technically.

With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips to consider when deciding on the right TV bed for you.

Neutral shades

Always appealing, no matter the season. Take inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism with muted tones. Our most popular designs are available in slate greys, dark charcoal and blank white, and all offer a different appeal and tone for your room.

Grey is a very sophisticated hue, which blends well with most colours. The light grey options offer a serene and soothing appeal for your bedroom, renowned for its incredible versatility, light grey combines with a pre-existing colour scheme with no clash, guaranteed. Pair with bold hues such as yellow and an array of pinks for an energetic look to your bedroom. Or why not match your grey TV bed with navy, mustards and greens or a more refined, yet warm colour palette.

Our white bed options offer a clean, blank slate. This stripped-back colourway brings light into your bedroom and takes you from summer to winter with ease. Peaceful white creates a calming atmosphere, allowing your bedroom to instantly become a place for rest and relaxation. Serving as a blank canvas, our all-white TV beds are an instant bedroom refresher.

Darker grey offerings are ideal when paired with deeper colour tones. Rich teals, burnt orange and dark wood options (for floorings or existing complimentary furniture) bring a new, more dramatic element to a bedroom. This classic combination holds a timeless appeal, allowing you to create a bedroom environment that will stand out, time and time again.

Rich texture

There is nothing quite like the feel of velvet, especially when combined with that laid-back, ‘lounging in bed’ feeling. Our most loved TV beds are available with a rich velvet bed frame, adding instant elegance and warming, soft sense to any bedroom. The addition of a velvet bed provides a new, cosy ambience to uplift and energise any room, with an added plush appeal of course. We select velvet options for our TV bed as it is surprisingly easy to keep and maintain, a bonus feature to this opulent yet accessible texture.

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