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How to spot a great mattress - tips from the experts

How to spot a great mattress - tips from the experts

You may not know this, especially because our name is The TV Bed Store, but we also mattresses as well as the biggest and best range of luxury TV Beds on the market. What you will also notice is that our mattresses are very competitively priced. But how do you spot a great mattress? Here are three top tips to look out for when choosing a new mattress, regardless of whether you buy from us, or anyone else.


The quilting really matters. The quilting on a mattress is made from a large sewing machine and there are lots of different methods of finishing which is one of the reasons why there is such a diverse range of different mattresses on the market. The general rule of thumb is — more wadding the better. Higher quality mattresses will generally have several layers of wadding but, confusingly, lower-priced mattresses can be extremely comfortable too but the wadding (or quilting) is always worth checking out.

Mattress Build

Many artisan (or natural) mattress producers will claim that a mattress made from polyester can never be ‘high end’ or that comfortable. In our experience, this simply isn’t true. What is true is that if you are going for a mattress made predominantly from man made fibres, if you want comfort, go for latex or memory foam. Some mattress producers might also state that it is possible to get a mattress that has a summer and a winter side. Again, in our experience, we would always suggest that you go for a one-sided mattress. Why? Flipping the mattress can lead to unnecessary settlement of the filling and can lead to discomfort. A good mid/high range mattress, we think can have one side and be made from latex or memory foam.

The Fabric

Again, artisan mattress makers will tell you that only a woven mattress will do. But in our experience, you can get more quality woven mattresses and high-quality knits. In general terms, however, stichbond mattresses should be avoided as these will be sub £100 mattresses with open coiled springs. Our advice would be to touch the mattress and have a feel. Remember toppers are also inexpensive and memory foam ones can be purchased inexpensively too.

Our current favourite

One of our best sellers is the Sealy Cassoli, and has consistently been so for some time. Why? In our experience it’s the best priced memory foam mattress on the market right now. And, here’s a very insider tip – we also use these ourselves!



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