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How to get that luxury hotel feel in your bedroom

How to get that luxury hotel feel in your bedroom

Staying in a hotel is always a treat, isn’t it? Always ensuite, fluffy towels and dressing gowns — what’s their not to like? Especially if you can get a massive breakfast delivered to your door the next morning. But, how can you re-create that luxury bedroom feel at home? Here are some tips to help you turn your bedroom into a luxury sanctuary.

Firstly, you should pick a peaceful colour scheme for your room. How many luxury hotels have you stayed in that use bright garish colours? Not many, I would have thought. Opt for neutral and natural hues, white is always a winner. Next, opt for a peaceful green if you want to add a splash of natural colour.

Luxury hotels all tend to smell pretty good too. At this point, you might want to reach for a wonderful scented candle rather than a Glade Plugin! Investing in a candle will add not only a beautiful aroma to your room but also a sense of warmth and romance.

Next up, don’t forget the flowers. Adding a splash of vibrant colour will instantly create that luxury feel to your bedroom. If you don’t want to spend money on constantly replacing flowers, consider a plant which will deliver both greenery and colour, a rose plant, for instance, could be the ideal solution for a long-lasting solution.

Next up, why not consider something that you probably won’t find in a luxury hotel? A Luxury TV Bed! Yes for some reason lots of hotels don’t invest in TV Beds, but here’s where you can get one up on those boutique hotels. The ultimate luxury is lying in bed, chilling and watching your favourite box set or film and what better way to do this than with a state of the art media bed? We think we currently offer the best priced multi-media TV Bed on the market right now, The Annecy. It comes available in double, king and super king size and is our very own bed and made exclusively for us.



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