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How to declutter your bedroom

How to declutter your bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. And, when our bedroom seems cluttered, our lives can too. For this post, we’re not going to talk about how great a TV Bed Frame is — you already know that right? What we want to do is let you know how our great range of TV Beds can help de-clutter your bedroom and help you sleep easier at night.

First up, if space in your bedroom is limited you might want to consider a TV Bed with Ottoman Storage. A gas powered system can lift your bed and offer you full under bed storage. If you struggle for storage in your bedroom and need a space for those duvets, sheets or towels that can never seem to find a home that’s out of the way, this could be for you.

The Jetson Ottoman

Next up, the obvious benefit of a TV Bed is that you can hide away all of the tech in your bedroom. Sky or Freeview box getting in the way and sick of the site of those wires? Then obviously, a TV Bed is for you. The Annecy is our brand new media bed that comes with subwoofers and speakers and, in our opinion, is the best quality media bed on the market in the UK right now.

The Annecy Media Bed

No one wants those little nik naks cluttering up their room, do they? If you tend to dump your change on the dressing table or if you want your jewellery to be stowed away somewhere out of sight, why not consider a handy bedside drawer?

Next up — if you really want to declutter, perhaps it could be time to take a look at what is in your bedroom. Do you really need it all? If not perhaps it could be time for a trip to the charity shop. After all one mans trash is another man’s treasure. Many people now up-cycle old pieces of furniture so you getting rid of your rubbish could make someone else very happy.



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