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How much are TV Beds?

How much are TV Beds?

Is a really good question! When TV Beds came on to the market they were seen as a luxury product and came with a price tag to match. Since the advent of technology buying a TV Bed can be an everyday luxury that can work for any budget. In this article, we want to take you through our range of TV beds so you can see what is on offer, their features and benefits and why it could work for you. Think of it as our mini ultimate guide to TV beds!

Standard TV Beds:

TV Beds now come jam-packed with all types of features and can be more akin to a full multimedia unit with speakers and sub-woofers than simply a bed. However, many people just want the comfort of being able to watch TV in a quality and stylish bed without all of the bells and whistles. If this is the case with you here are some standard TV Beds you may wish to consider:

The Avalon:

The ever-popular Avalon, from market leader Kaydian, starts, for the double version, at just £649. Available in a range of great fabrics including madras leather.

Ottoman TV Beds:

Next, many people, especially if they live in a modern house where rooms tend to be smaller, want more storage. Ottoman beds have always been popular as a storage solution but did you know that you can also get an Ottoman TV Bed? The Connect TV Bed, also from Kaydian provides full under bed storage. This model also comes with LED lights and USB charging ports and The Connect comes in at £995.

TV Beds with Storage and Speakers:

We call these beds ‘media beds’ this is because they come with speakers, sub-woofers and surround sound. The Annecy and The Lyon are our very own TV Beds, made exclusively by us, for you. The Annecy starts at £795 for the double, which we’re confident is the best price for a multi-media bed in the country.

Multi-Media TV Beds:

Finally, at the top of the budget for many people will be a full Multi Media Bed. Kaydian has for a long time led the way in TV Bed innovation and in our opinion there can be no better example than The Titan, or Titan 2. To say these beds come jam-packed with technology would be an understatement. Full surround sound, sub-woofers and USB ports come as standard. The Titan 2 comes in at £1,695.



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