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How does delivery work during the Covid-19 pandemic?

How does delivery work during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Here at the TV Bed Store we want to make our delivery experience as seamless as possible during this very difficult time. You’ll probably know if you have looked at this page that we are still open online and delivering beds as usual but we are still observing social distancing measures both in our warehouse and with our deliveries and that’s why, unfortunately, we can’t offer an installation service at this time. However, installing your own TV Bed is really very simple, and here is how it works:

How to install a TV Bed

You’ll notice that we have included instructions for some of the most popular TV Beds on our website. You can see from the instructions on our Annecy model that constructing the bed should take no longer than two and a half hours (even allowing for the odd tea break or two). No special equipment is required. All you will need is a cross-head screwdriver, everything else is supplied! If you have any problems you can refer to this YouTube video.

How to install the TV in your new TV Bed

Again, when it comes to installing a TV in your new TV Bed, please refer to the instructions provided with each model. Each model is slightly different and some TV’s can be trickier than others (notably Sony). In our experience, LG seems to be the most TV Bed friendliest TV’s when it comes to installation. There are loads of handy tips and tricks provided in your instruction manual. And believe us if you can assemble an IKEA flatpack, you can assemble one of these. Most of our TV Beds will accommodate a TV up to 43″ in width but each model varies to be sure to check the specifications of each model if you are not buying the TV from us.

How to install Sky Box or other media units

Most of our media beds come with a ‘media tray’ where the media unit for your TV Bed sits. Our FAQ’s page is really useful when it comes to answering some more of the general questions you have on installation. Similarly, USB ports and other features are now integral to the media bed experience but rest assured that each of our beds comes with full and concise instructions which have been road-tested by us and are easy and simple to understand.



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