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How big are our TV Beds?

How big are our TV Beds?

TV Beds are the same dimensions, in terms of the mattress like any other size bed – they just have a TV in the footboard and can have a larger headboard to accommodate speakers etc, for our media beds. Here’s a handy little guide for you:

What Size is a Double Mattress?

135cm x 190cm / 4’6 x 6’3″

A Double mattress is the minimum size for our TV Beds, we always recommend measuring the floor space available due to TV beds having a larger. If you don’t tend to fidget and move around in your sleep then this size should be appropriate for most adult couples.

What Size Is A King Size Mattress?

150cm x 200cm / 5′ x 6’6”

A King Size mattress is our middle-sized bed, slightly wider and longer than the Double. King size is the perfect balance for being close to your partner yet having enough room to move around without disturbing each other

What Size Is A Super King Size Mattress?

180cm x 200cm / 6′ x 6’6″

A Super King Size is the largest size TV bed we offer. When space is plentiful then a super king-size is the luxury option providing enough room to comfortably drift off into sleep without any thoughts to your surroundings and space.

Each of our tv bed frames will vary in size due to the different headers and footers of the bed, so be sure to measure the frame size when deciding which bed you like and make sure you’ve got adequate room to get in and out of the bed making sure it doesn’t catch on any opening doors.



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