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Get ready for your new TV bed

Get ready for your new TV bed

We often get asked some practical questions about TV Beds. Will it fit in my room? What are the benefits of a TV Bed? And, which one should I buy? We have produced this handy little guide to help answer some of your questions.

Make sure to measure

You may have heard the phrase, measure twice, cut once. This notion is also really important when it comes to buying a TV Bed. This isn’t simply because your bed won’t fit up the stairs in your flat or house (all of our TV Beds come disassembled) but because your room might not be able to take it. TV Beds will often have a slightly large footboard so if space in your room could potentially be an issue remember; measure twice and cut once!

The many benefits of a TV Bed

There are loads of benefits in investing in a TV Bed. In fact, there are so many we created a post about it here. But briefly, here they are again! You can watch your favourite TV shows in bed. Not only that you can get media room quality sound and vision, all from the comfort of your own, luxury bed. Lastly, you can get an Ottoman TV Bed which comes with loads of storage under the bed which is operated with a whisper-quiet gas lift system.

Choosing the TV Bed that’s right for you

An upholstered bed seems to be bang on trend at the moment, especially in grey. Grey is by far our most popular colour and The Connect and The Annecy are two of our best selling grey fabric models. The beauty of the Annecy, in particular, is that it comes with full under bed storage as well as being a full media bed with surround speakers and subwoofers, as standard.

In terms of what size is right for you, when it comes to a TV bed (or any bed, for that matter) we think bigger is always better. Why is this? More space in bed gives you a better night’s sleep!

If you are worried about a TV Bed taking up space in your room, don’t be. Many of our TV Beds come with full under bed storage. A TV Bed with storage is known as an Ottoman TV Bed, and we have a great range in a variety of colours and materials, from Madras leather to beautiful fabrics. One of our most popular Ottoman’s is the Jetson (pictured below).

For more information about any of our TV Beds please call, email or contact us through our web form or chat facility. We’re here to help!



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