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Get a bank holiday bargain with TV Bed Store

Get a bank holiday bargain with TV Bed Store

Unless you’re living under a rock you will always know there is a bank holiday around the corner. Not because it will, inevitably, start raining on Sunday and not stop until Tuesday but because furniture shops will always run a sale and you will be bombarded with offers from them to part with your hard earned cash.

Well, here at TV Bed Store, we’re going to run a sale, with a difference. And, the difference in this case, is the sale we’re going to run, on one TV Bed, in particular, doesn’t end. You see, we’ve been selling TV Beds for a long time and like to think we know our stuff. We know what colours are most popular (grey, since you ask) and what the market, whether you are a gamer, or just want a great bed, is now demanding. So, we created our own.

We believe we have created the best value, full multi media bed on the market right now. So, please welcome, The Annecy. Available, as a double and a King Size, The Annecy, we believe will be a game changer in the luxury TV Bed space. You can check out the tech specs for yourself in the product description, but you will be pleased to know that The Annecy comes with sub-woofers and surround sound speakers, as standard.

You should also bear in mind that this bed comes with built-in storage as standard too, so you’re not just getting a TV Bed, you’re getting a TV Bed with storage

As a family run business who pride themselves on delivering an expert service, with our customer at the heart of everything we do, we also believe in pricing fairly. So this bed, won’t go on sale, because it already is. A great price, for a great bed — it’s that simple. So, if you have any questions about this, or any other bed, please get in touch.



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