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Four of the best statement TV Beds

Four of the best statement TV Beds

We all know why a TV Bed is great. Lying in bed whilst watching your favourite shows, listening to a podcast through your built-in speakers or even gaming could be considered the ultimate indulgence. But, a TV Bed just doesn’t need to be a vehicle for simply watching the tele. Your TV Bed should make a statement too. Here, at TV Bed Store we pride ourselves in selling the best TV Beds on the market and we choose (and now make) our TV Beds with a rigorous focus on both functionality, tech, but also design. So we have decided to compile this list of the best statement TV beds on the market, right now.

If you’re looking for an extremely well-designed TV Bed with storage included then you should check out The Jetson. This Ottoman TV Bed not only comes dripping with features but also loads of under-storage. I think you will agree, it’s also very nice to look at!

Now, if you want a TV Bed with a TV included that not only gives you a state of the art smart TV but also an amazing looking bed, check out the ever-popular Titan. Loads of tech and, in our opinion, is one of the best looking TV beds that Kaydian has ever produced.

Now, if you are looking for an amazing looking King size TV bed, you should check out our latest model, The Annecy. The Annecy has been a labour of love over many years, produced exclusively by TV Bed Store, it’s the most luxurious and competitively priced luxury TV Bed on the market right now.

Finally, if you want another fantastic looking TV bed with loads of storage options then you should probably check out The Barnard. The Barnard is both beautiful and is also the ultimate space saver.



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