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Four ideas to make your bedroom seem bigger

Four ideas to make your bedroom seem bigger

Space, especially if you live in a new build house, is an issue for many of us in the bedroom. So, we thought we would give you some handy space-saving tips to free up that all-important space and allow you to declutter.

Bedside Chests

Chests are perfect for storing away stuff that can lead to clutter in your bedroom. Do you really need three books on the bedside table? It also doubles as a perfect bedside table too. Our 3 door Valencia table is the perfect solution here and comes in a variety of great colours.


Mirrors are the perfect space-saving hack. A couple of mirrors, preferably placed opposite each other, will reflect light off each other and create the illusion of space even if there is none. As well as creating the feel of spaciousness you’ll also be able to admire yourself and know if that outfit works.

Light up your room

Gloomy rooms can feel small and oppressive. Adding light that isn’t harsh and from overhead can really make a difference when it comes shedding light into a bedroom. Rather than opting for a standard bedside light why not consider opting for a floor lamp? Or if you want an extra cosy option you could even opt for some strategically placed fairy lights for after dark.

A Multi-Function Piece

If you have a TV in your room, this can take up space. Wardrobes take-up space, chests of drawers also take up space. What if you could combine these bulky items and combine them to give you the ultimate space-saving hack? Well, we think we have the answer in the form of our very own Annecy Multi Media Bed with storage. This really is the bed that has everything. Sub-Woofers, speakers, integral full under bed storage and also USB ports. In fact, we think we can say with confidence that is the best priced full multi bed with storage on the market in the UK right now.



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