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Four ideas to make small bedrooms seem bigger

Four ideas to make small bedrooms seem bigger

Smaller bedrooms are now a reality of life. New houses are smaller and more and more bedrooms are squeezed into houses to make inflate prices. But, a smaller bedroom doesn’t need to feel like a prison cell so here are some great hacks for you to make your bedroom seem bigger.

First of all, you should consider reducing the clutter. Often, especially when space is at a premium, bedrooms can be used as another storage room. Boxes of ‘stuff’ can find their way into our bedrooms and can make our sleep time sanctuaries feel more like a dumping ground. So why not consider a TV bed with integrated storage? Commonly known as Ottoman Beds provide a great way to store extra pillows, duvets or the other stuff that tends to find its way into our rooms.

Next, consider letting the light in. If you live in a more modern home you will know that windows can often be an afterthought. Townhouses, for instance, often feel pretty squeezed and windows can be small and narrow. If this is the case you may want to consider investing in a lamp for the side of your bed to illuminate your room.

Our next recommendation would be to use multi-functioning pieces. As our name, TV Bed Store suggests, a TV Bed is a hybrid of storage and a luxury bed. Our Annecy TV Bed, for instance, works as three things; a bed frame, storage space, and a home for your TV. Keeping your TV hidden will make your room feel bigger and hide those wires which can add to the clutter in your room. You won’t have to rest it on top of your chest of drawers, or bookshelves and with space, you save you can add a mirror or extra lighting.

If you want the illusion of more space you may want to consider painting your room a darker shade. This may seem counter intuitive, big spaces are white, right? Wrong. Darker colours make our eyes visually recede to make something look further away than it actually is.



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