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Five tips for a better nights sleep during the lockdown

Five tips for a better nights sleep during the lockdown

Let’s face it, the current lockdown is creating uncertainty and stress for everyone the first thing you have probably noticed is that we’re all suffering with our sleep. Even if you are safely ensconced in a luxury TV Bed with a great mattress you may need some tips to get a more restful night. So here are our top five tips for getting waking up and feeling refreshed.

Get Outside

Fresh air can be a real tonic. Being cooped up in our homes is something that everyone can empathise with at the moment. We’ve all changed how we live and how we work, our living rooms have become our offices so it’s really important that we get out and connect with nature. Remember prior to the lockdown GP’s were being encouraged to proscribe a walk in nature? Even if you don’t have a massive garden, a walk outside will make you feel better and, hopefully, help with your sleep patterns.

Get some exercise

If you have younger children you may have been subject to the pleasure of ‘PE with Joe (The Body Coach) Wicks’ every weekday morning at 9 AM. Your legs, arms and chest may be hurting but exercise is proven to release serotonin (the chemical that makes you feel good) and help you sleep better. The gyms are going to be closed for the foreseeable future so get on your bike, go for a run or fire up YouTube and get physical.

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Calm down with the hard stuff

Alcohol can make you feel sleepy but what it won’t give you is a great nights sleep. Alcohol is scientifically proven to disturb your sleep patterns. Why? Alcohol affects your circadian rhythm, you may fall asleep quicker but you will wake up sooner than usual and will have a disturbed nights sleep. Try and have at least 3-4 alcohol free days a week and listen to the government on the recommended units.

Listen to some restful music

This is where a TV Bed or a Media Bed comes in to its own. You can use the USB or bluetooth features to stream some music which is going to help you fall asleep. Ever wondered why lullabies work so well with babies? Soft, restful music is proven to help you relax. You may want to consider some De Bussey (soft piano music) or other classical tracks with strings and piano. You may want to steer clear of ‘Happy Hardcore’ or Death Metal — the key is restful music here.

Claude DeBussey

Is it time for a new mattress?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you change your mattress every seven years. If you are struggling to sleep and wake up with aches and pains in your back and shoulders, you may not need a chiropractor, you probably need the TV Bed Store. We have a huge range of mattresses at extremely competitive prices and we know from experience that buying a new mattress will result in a better nights sleep.



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