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Choosing the right TV Bed for you

Choosing the right TV Bed for you

Historically bedrooms were used for just sleeping. Our bedrooms were a place of sanctuary after a long hard day and simply a place to lay our heads. Now our bedrooms are a place to relax and unwind. Many of us have TV’s in our bedrooms but the TV itself can often be a place awkwardly on a bookshelf or a mismatched table. Now you can invest in a luxury TV Bed. TV Beds put simply are a bed frame with a TV in the footboard. But you will also see that our luxury TV Beds come in many different sizes and styles so here’s our handy little guide.

Choosing the right size TV Bed

We don’t sell single TV Beds. Due to the size of TVs, they would a single bed frame would be a little too small to house the TV comfortably. We do, however, have a massive range of double, king and super king size TV Beds in a variety of fabrics. So, which one is right for you? Firstly, in our opinion, bigger is always better when it comes to bed. Why? More sleeping space with your sleep partner will always help, especially when it gets a bit hot and sticky. But you should always check out the size of your room first. If space is a concern you might be better opting for a smaller TV Bed. A double TV Bed, for instance, because it has a TV in the footboard will be a little bigger than a standard double.

TV Beds with storage

TV beds are not simply a TV bed frame. They can also come with storage solutions. TV Bed’s (or any beds) with under bed storage are called Ottoman beds. We have a great range of Ottoman TV Beds which come with whisper-quiet gas lift systems. A TV Bed with storage will free up space for you to store towels, duvets, sheets or shoes. And, of course, the big benefit of choosing a TV Bed with storage is that you will, of course, have somewhere to store your TV!

Choosing the perfect style for your TV Bed

We offer a great range of TV Beds in a variety of styles. From crushed velvet to black leather. In terms of choosing which style is best for you there is a variety of considerations — your choice of decor, whether you have kids (wipe clean leather might be a better option for you!) or just your personal choice. What we can say is we have the most extensive range of luxury TV Bed’s in the UK. If we can be of any assistance in your TV Bed journey, please get in touch!



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