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Bedside essentials for flu season

Bedside essentials for flu season

The nights are drawing in and you may have noticed it’s starting to get pretty cold. And, if you have children, the little darlings will be picking up all kinds of bugs at school. So, what do you need to keep by your bed to alleviate the pain of the winter cold and flu season? Read on for the essentials…

Vicks: No cold or flu is going to be cured without this old favourite.

Paracetamol: The go-to drug for the cold or flu afflicted. Take two every four hours and you will be guaranteed to be feeling better in a couple of days.

Tissues: Mansize, obviously and preferably with a nice balm on them. No one needs a sore nose and a cold to contend with. It’s hard enough, especially if you have man-flu.

A Binge worth box-set: Some decent television can be the perfect cure for a cold. Some of our favourites include Breaking Bad, Dexter, Narcos, Stranger Things and, starring 50 Cent, Power.

A TV Bed: Of course, if you want to binge on a box-set you will need somewhere to watch it. And what could be better than watching your favourite film or box-set in a full media bed? Our very own and best-selling multi-media bed, The Annecy, comes jam-packed with features including USB Ports, surround sound speakers and your very own in bed sub-woofer.

If you want a budget-friendly option you might want to look the Avalon. This bed is on sale for Black Friday at the moment and the Avalon is coming in at an amazingly low price of £575. This is market leader, Kaydian’s lowest price bed at the moment so really won’t be around for long.

So if you have a cold or flu – you have our sympathies! But we can attest to the healing power of TV Beds when it comes to curing those seasonal aches and pains.



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