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Bedroom Design Ideas for 2020

Bedroom Design Ideas for 2020

As we come towards the end of the year many of us tend to think about the year to come. And, at the TV Bedstore, we like to keep an eye on the trend in bedroom design. After all, we need to know what trends are going to work with our great selection of TV Beds! So we thought we would run through the four key trends to watch as we move into 2020.

1. Abstract: That’s right. This fun, un-conventional interiors trend takes inspiration from abstract works of art and painters like Matisse. Think big, bold colours and textures. The purpose here is to evoke mood and emotion and bold patterns and loud colours certainly do that. The abstract movement was all about the imperfect and fluidity. This look would go perfectly with a neutral white or grey TV Bed.

2. Simplicity: The next trend is a nod to simple design. The Scandinavians have been pursuing this simple stripped back look for decades now and the Scandi look doesn’t show signs of going away any time soon. We think the Avalon by Kaydian is a perfect example of Scandi style, in the form of a TV Bed.

3. Colour Palettes: Cool blues and greys will remain bang on trend as we move into 2020. These colours can be accented perfectly with warmer splashes of colours. Sunshine yellow and oranges can be expected to adorn the trendiest bedrooms in the first year of the ’20s. But, if you’re looking for a stunning TV bed in grey, we would highly recommend our very own Annecy.

4. Look East: Styles from the orient have been seen more and more from big retailers and interior design magazines alike. This look tends to use a lot of Japanese style patterns on soft furnishings like decorative bedspreads and pillows but also other details like lampshades. Whereas 2019 was more bohemian, 2020’s look will be more Osakan.

William Morris Murano Strawberry Thief Crimson LS991



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