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Are TV Beds safe?

Are TV Beds safe?

We often get asked this question and, of course, the answer is ‘yes’ but we thought it might be useful to answer some of our customer’s specific concerns.

Fire safety

One of our key suppliers of TV Beds is Kaydian. We chose to supply Kaydian beds for the simple reason that they are the best manufacturers of TV Beds on the market. All Kaydian beds are tested to the highest level of UK regulations so you can be assured that you not only have one of the most luxurious products on the market but also the safest.

Structural and chemical safety

Again, Kaydian test the structural superiority and the chemical composition of their beds is over and above UK market regulations.

Quality Standards

All Kaydian bed parts are tested to British Domestic legislation through affiliation with the internationally respected SATRA technology centre for UK certification.

Ethical Production

We also really like Kaydian because they conform to the highest ethical standards. Their factories are audited under the ETI (the Ethical Trade Initiative), which ensures good pay and working practices for their workers.

So, in essence having a TV, which is integral to your bed, will pose no more risks to your safety than a TV in any other part of your house. To be honest, we think that the biggest danger you will face by investing in a TV Bed is by getting scared when you’re watching a horror film late at night. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.



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