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All I want for Christmas is a TV bed!

All I want for Christmas is a TV bed!

The clocks have gone back and dogs and kids are getting scared by fireworks which can mean only one thing. It’s all downhill now for Christmas. Christmas also means it’s going to start to get very cold, very soon as well so as good a reason as any to get snug and watch your favourite box set all from the comfort of your state of the art TV Bed.

But, if you’re dreaming of white Christmas, we can’t guarantee the snow but we can certainly help you with a white TV Bed because we have got a fantastic range in stock at some unbelievable prices.

First up comes the ever-popular Avalon. Why is it so popular? Firstly it’s made by the market leader Kaydian and secondly, when you see you can get a real leather TV Bed for such an amazing price, you can probably understand why. The Avalon comes as both a Double and a King Size and is always flying off the shelf.

Next up and also by market leader Kaydian is the Titan and the Titan 2. The Titan and the name suggests is the King of TV Beds and comes jam-packed with features. The Titan is a classic media bed complete with Sub-Woofers, speakers and USB sockets. Believe us when you have tried either of the Titan’s you might not want to get up! And, of course, both of these start-of-the art media beds come in white.

There is, of course, a huge range of TV Beds on the market now so making the right choice can be confusing. That’s why we are always happy to help so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a huge array of beds, white or otherwise, at a price for all budgets.



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