Q: What is your most popular TV Bed, and why?

A: In April 2019, we launched our own TV Bed, The Annecy. We believe it is the best-priced full, multi-media bed in the UK right now. The Annecy comes as a double, king and a super king-size bed and, best of all, full under-bed storage.


Q: Is a TV included in every TV Bed?

A: No, but they can be purchased separately. We supply 32” and 43” very competitively priced Samsung and LG Smart LED TV’s.


Q: What size TV is best for a TV Bed?

A: Remember, when you are in bed, and depending on the size you choose, you’re not going to be much further than six feet away from a screen. So, depending on how bad your eyesight is, it is a personal preference. Personally, we find 43″ is perfect.


Q: How do I install a SKY or Virgin box into my TV bed?

A: Installing an additional satellite or digital receiver will be as easy as installing a TV in a different room, and additional cables may be required. Depending on the model of bed you chose, there should be plenty of room in the compartment below the bed for an extra receiver. TV Bed Store is unable to install the receiver for you, if you are unsure of how to install it please consult your cable or satellite, TV provider. All beds, however, are made for simple and easy installation.


Q: Will you install and deliver my TV Bed for me?

A: All deliveries are done with a two-man delivery team and delivered to your room of choice. Installation can be arranged anywhere in the UK at a small additional charge. Additional charges do apply to certain areas of South Wales and Scotland.


Q: This is quite a big purchase — can I spread the costs?

A: Yes, you can. We offer a range of interest-free options and you can spread the cost of your purchase over 12 months.


Q: Can I also install a DVD/Blu-ray player or games console into my TV Bed?

A: If you browse our range of TV Beds you will notice that with many models you have a little compartment where DVD players or games consoles can be stored. From there, you can run the cables under the bed and into the TV compartment, connecting them together. All of our beds come with full instructions for easy installation.


Q: Do I have to buy a mattress for my bed from you?

A: Not at all, all of our beds are standard sizes so will fit a standard size mattress. Though we do have a great range of mattresses suitable for all sizes of TV Beds.


Q: Can I use my existing plasma or LED TV with a new TV Bed?

A: Yes, though we would check the dimensions of any bed before you purchase. Some beds will house up to a 43″ TV but this is very much dependant on the model.


Q: What kind of aftersales service do you offer?

A: We pride ourselves on our customer services ethos. Please feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to help, however long ago you purchased your TV Bed.


Q: Do you sell TV Beds with under bed storage?

A: Yes, we have an extensive range of TV Bed’s that come with full under bed storage, these are called Ottoman TV Beds.


Q: Do TV Beds come with built in speakers?

A: Some do. We call these Media Beds. Our most popular model is The Annecy, our very media bed that comes with speakers, subwoofers and also full under bed storage.


Q: Where does the antenna go in a TV Bed?

A: We get asked this question a lot. If you have a sky or digital box (which most of us now do) the box will go in a compartment under the bed. If you still want to use a classic TV aerial the lead coming from the TV should be connected to the aerial source which should be in the bed, depending on the model.


Q: Do you have any TV Beds on sale?

A: We have a great range of TV Beds on sale, including some of our most popular Beds including great beds from Kaydian and our very own models.


Q: Do you have any TV Bed and mattress deals?

A: We tend not to bundle TV Bed and mattress deals together. Why? Just because you want a new TV Bed doesn’t mean you will need to buy a new mattress. That said w, weave a great range of mattresses and are always happy to look at a bundle deal.


Q: Does a TV Bed come with a TV?

A: Our Valencia TV Bed comes with a state-of-the-art smart TV, our other TV Beds do not come with a free TV but we do have a great range of TVs which can be purchased with your TV bed.


Q: How do TV beds connect? 

A: TV Bed comes equipped with cords hiding inside the mattress and extensions so that they can be plugged into electrical outlets safely without fear of anything getting too close together or causing harm when touched by any part outside of its designated area.