Webb Daniels Serene 5000 Pocket Memory Mattress

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The Serene 5000 Premier Medium Firm

Part of our exclusive Webb Daniels Premier mattress range. The Serene 5000 offers Gel Memory & Bamboo Foam and Pocket Spring technology to deliver a mattress that’s tailored for performance.

An example of the internals of our mattresses. Be aware that not all mattresses are equal and to offer the very best, we wont compromise on cost, as we strive to provide the best value and quality.

What's it made of...

1. 2cm Quilted Gel Memory Foam

2. Punched 2cm Bamboo Foam

3. 2cm PU Foam

4. 16cm 5000 Soft Springs

5. F-joint

6. 3cm PU Foam

Our exclusive Webb Daniels Premier mattress range, where luxury meets performance. Crafted with precision and innovation, our mattresses are designed to provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.

Each mattress is multi-layered and meticulously crafted with your comfort in mind. Featuring Gel Memory Foam, Bamboo Foam, and Pocket Spring technology, this mattress offers superior support and relaxation for a restful night's sleep.

Experience the epitome of premium quality and comfort with Webb Daniels mattresses. Transform your sleep experience into something extraordinary today.

How do I choose a mattress?

You need a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. The problem is that those terms can be quite subjective, varying between brands and largely dependent on how you tend to lie in bed. Soft mattresses aren’t always the most comfortable and firm mattresses aren’t necessarily the most supportive.

The best mattress for you is the one that keeps your head, neck, shoulders and back in as straight a line as possible, as if you were standing with good posture. To help you decide which level of firmness to plump for, consider your sleeping style., and this is why our range of Webb Daniels mattresses are made for that reason, to keep everything in balance.



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