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TV Beds In Stock And Ready To Go
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TV Beds In Stock And Ready To Go

We’re aware this time of year is a busy one, with festive drinks, parties and the final push to finish the work for the year, there is barely any time to yourself, let alone shopping for gifts. If you were thinking of offering the present of style, comfort and technology a TV bed may just be the perfect present.

Here at TV Bedstore, we guarantee a delivery within seven days from when you make your order – which leaves just the right amount of time for the big Christmas reveal!


We have some of our most popular styles in stock and ready to go, from single styles to king-size deluxe options, our neutral colourways will perfectly complement any home decor, to slot right in and allow them to enjoy it from day one. Plus if you’re also pondering on a TV bed for yourself, we would suggest that now is the perfect time. Just think of it as a gift to your future self.

For us, the gift of a TV bed is a great seasonal gift, perfect for all year round. This consistent usage makes a TV bed exceptional value for money. Currently, in the winter months a TV bed to keep warm for a movie marathon as they layer themselves under covers to make their own cosy den! Whether it is for them or you, a TV bed is a Christmas gift that will last for the long term and runs no risk of being shelved anytime soon, or disregarded as soon as their birthday arrives.

A TV bed also offers the gift to unwind, giving them a comfy bed designed for maximum relaxing. The joy of this is that it’s a permanent gift, unlike a spa day, which offers one day to unwind, why not give the gift every evening? A TV bed comes with the statement of taking time for yourself, it’s the perfect gift for the person who deserves the chance to chill out in style after the past few years!



Monaco TV Bed


Another bonus of a TV bed as a gift is the fact they come with built-in storage, so you are also offering a refresh of their space and living arrangements. So they can enjoy a new year, new bedroom! All our styles offer discreet storage, you can simply lift the bed up with a whisper-quiet smart mechanism, allowing them to access an area in which you can use for keeping your items secure. Perfect for storing extra duvets, games consoles or general household clutter – including any unwanted Christmas presents!


Pay us a visit, give us a call or simply drop us an email if you are thinking of making your loved ones year with a TV bed. Our friendly advisors are on hand to help you pick the perfect style, colour and components that they are guaranteed to love. For a show-stopping Christmas, and the gift that keeps on giving, (plus! They can enjoy the best of festive TV direct from their brand new bed).



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