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Are TV Beds Worth It In 2024? Yes, Here's Why
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Are TV Beds Worth It In 2024? Yes, Here's Why

Are you wondering whether TV beds are worth it in 2024? Stuck weighing the pros and cons, reading reviews, and imagining what it would be like in your bedroom.

We understand a TV bed might seem like a large investment, a luxury reserved for other people, or an indulgence you feel like you might not deserve. The truth is, TV beds are more affordable than ever. And guess what? You absolutely deserve to upgrade your comfort and entertainment with our TV beds. 

If you find yourself wondering, are TV beds worth it? - the resounding answer is yes, and here’s why.

  1. All-In-One Bedroom Solution
  2. Saving Space
  3. Entertainment Without Distractions
  4. Style & Customisation


1. All-In-One Bedroom Solution

A TV bed is more than a piece of furniture; it’s a comprehensive bedroom solution:

  • Comfort: High quality materials and your choice of premium mattress for luxurious comfort for years to come.
  • Style: With a range of materials, styles, and shapes, you're sure to find a TV bed that suits your tastes and bedroom décor. 
  • Entertainment: A 4K Smart TV at the foot of your bed offering the perfect view of films and shows - all concealable at the touch of a button.
  • Storage: Discreet but sizable underbed storage to save space in your bedroom. 

For these reasons, a TV bed is a luxurious but practical addition to any bedroom. 


2. Saving Space

There are many intelligent space-saving furniture solutions, from bespoke wardrobes that take full advantage of your room to foldable desks for multipurpose spaces. But have you considered the space-saving potential of a TV bed?  

Consider the usual suspects claiming precious floor space in your bedroom: beds, especially those grandiose king and super king sizes, and the accompanying furniture – cabinets, TV stands, even wall-mounted TVs with their additional shelving requirements. These pieces often serve no purpose when not in use, leaving your room burdened with non-functional space. 

Now, imagine your bed and mattress, entertainment system, and storage were combined into the floorspace of a bed frame. Not only that, but with the touch of a button, your TV rises from the footboard and can be concealed again just as easily, ensuring your space remains unobstructed. 

Our TV beds are designed to save space in your bedroom while providing entertainment and comfort. 


3. Entertainment Without Distractions

Watching TV and films in your living room or conservatory comes with too many distractions - awkwardly placed televisions and lackluster sound, family members leaving and entering or making noise in the kitchen. Your bed is a place without distractions, perfect for watching TV and films. 

Immerse yourself in cinematic bliss with a 4K television and surround sound, all from the comfort of your bed. No distractions, no awkwardly place TV, no compromise on audio-visual quality, just media entertainment at your fingertips. 

4. Style & Customisation

Let's debunk the misconceptions that TV beds are bulky, boxy eyesores. The truth is, our TV beds are stylish, modern, and customisable. Each of our TV bed collections boasts a distinct style and shape to suit your bedroom décor. 

Choose from single, double, king, or super king sizes to perfectly fit your bedroom. 

You can also choose your preferred upholstery, Smart TV, mattress, and pillow to ensure your TV bed is tailored to your style and needs. 

Explore our TV bed ranges:


5. Affordability

TV beds are more affordable than ever, especially during our promotions and sales. For as little as £599, you could own our Madrid Ottoman Double TV Bed.

We have a wide range of TV beds at different price points, ranging from £849 to £2,633.

TV beds are a long-term investment, made from high-quality durable materials. They can even eliminate the costs of additional furniture. For example, you won't need to buy a separate television, TV mount, or furniture to stand your television on.

In essence, TV beds offer an affordable luxury that transforms your bedroom into a haven of comfort and entertainment.


We'll Help You Choose The Right TV Bed For You

So, are TV beds worth it in 2024? Yes! 

Our TV beds are luxurious, comfortable, and customisable, as well as highly practical and functional - the perfect all-in-one bedroom solution. They can save you money long-term and precious bedroom space. 

Now you just have to choose one from our range. If you need help finding the right TV bed, get in touch on 0161 711 1970 or visit our Manchester showroom.

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