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Tips for the perfect night's sleep
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Tips for the perfect night's sleep

Eight hours of sleep a night is important for our overall well being, keeping both our minds and bodies fresh. This is when your mind processes all the information from the day and your body works through the detoxification ritual, so while you are snoozing, the rest of you is busy at work.

Most of us experience sleep issues at some point of our lives, if you are often having trouble dropping off it can be incredibly frustrating and detrimental to your health. With reports of a rise in insomnia cases, due to increased anxiety through the pandemic, we sought out the best tried and tested tips for an ideal full nights sleep to help you drift off and your body get to work. And, you’ll be interested to know that these tips work whether you’re in a TV Bed or not!

Soothing sounds

Whether it’s rainwater, the gentle crashing of the waves or a relaxing classical composition, we all have our preferred sounds. With millions of playlists and options out there from AMSR to sleep-inducing storytelling podcasts. It’s important to try out and find the best option for you, simply select tonight’s option and let the in-built surround sound system of your TV bed gently send you to sleep.

Sleep hygiene

Aim for a regular bedtime as your body responds to routine.Your body’s circadian rhythm functions by aligning itself with sunrise and sunset. People who have a steady routine may not even need an alarm, as they awake naturally due to the body recognising the sleep routine. You can also practice good sleep hygiene by avoiding blue light before bed, this light comes from your laptops, ipads and phones which sends signals to your brain to stay awake. If you need them nearby, simply plug them into the handy USB ports on the side of your media bed, that way if there is an emergency you can be safe in the knowledge that you will know.

Clean environment

A tidy room leads to a tidy mind, so they say! Aim for a clutter free environment by utilising the in-built storage of your TV bed, most of our styles have Ottoman style storage, allowing you to use the full length of the bed. Ensure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, clean, and enjoyable place for you to come home to, this will instantly signal the brain to relax and unwind. Plus, a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation found that people who regularly wash their bedding reported a 19% better rest at night than those who didn’t. The experts recommend once or twice per week. It’s also important to clean and hoover your bedroom to improve air quality, removing any dust particles or allergens that may be lurking around.

Meet your mattress match

Your mattress can affect how you sleep if it’s not the right fit for you. Ideally, you should replace it every seven years, and each mattress offers differing benefits. Whether you are looking for harder options or soft styles to sink into, we can help. Explore our range of mattresses here and let us know your specifications. You’ll be drifting off in no time!



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