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How to keep cool in the bedroom this summer
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How to keep cool in the bedroom this summer

It’s here, the longer days, balmy warm nights and hazy heat-filled days. Summer’s arrival has never been more welcome – here’s how to enjoy it to the max, whilst keeping cool in your bedroom. When we sleep our internal body temperature naturally drops, but drifting off in summer’s heat is hard to do. Here we share our top tips on how to keep cool and comfortable in your bedroom through the happy summer months.

Choose the right mattress

Keep cool with Webb Daniels mattresses, exclusive to us here at TV Bedstore. With three styles available the Silva 1000, Scarlett 3000 and Serene 5000, all offer a top layer of quilted gel foam for supreme, lightweight comfort that you can really sink into. These keep you cool in the heat and help wick away sweat. We prefer gel foams over traditional memory as the gels absorb heat, they are proven to be more responsive to the body and less toxic. These stop you from overheating during the night, or even become ‘trapped’ in one position, a common problem with memory foam mattresses. These will provide a cooling base for you to rest your head after a long day of sunshine-filled fun.

Use light, natural bedding

Linen and soft organic cotton are ideal for the interchangeable UK summer weather, as they provide breathable, temperature regulating conditions for you whilst you sleep. Keeping you cool while the temperature soars. Light, natural bedding options are also super soft and hypoallergenic, perfect for those who may suffer with allergies, helpin ease symptoms from hayfever, encouraging an uninterrupted night’s sleep, so you can rest and breathe easy throughout the night.

Ice packs

A retro recommendation, but still tired and tested. Buy freezable gel packs and take one to bed with you. Place on your pressure points, the back of your neck is particularly effective when cooling your whole body. Even better, buy a cold eye mask and turn your bedroom into a spa.

Keep your room clean and clutter-free

Decluttering is simple, no matter the size of your room, with a TV bed, we have handy, discreet storage built-in. This stops dust from collecting and causing extra irritants around the hot heat (which is mostly enjoyable) and prevents any unwanted allergies From whisper-quiet Ottoman style beds to hidden wire and TV box storage, simple store away your clutter for a clean, fresh and pleasing space.

Explore our range of TV beds here and Webb Daniels mattresses here – exclusive to us.



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