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Easy tips to refresh your bedroom for summer
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Easy tips to refresh your bedroom for summer

We’ve made it through the long lockdown winter, and summer is finally on its way. This means it’s time to ditch those heavy fleece and wool fabrics, to welcome lighter, summer vibes into your bedroom.

We’re here to share our top tips for how you can switch up your bedroom from a cosy, hygge hibernation spot to a cool, relaxing space, so you can enjoy the long summer days and balmy, cloud free evenings. With our simple and effective hacks, your bedroom will feel more like a summer home, giving you a fresh new perspective every evening and morning.

Swap out your bedding

Bring the outside in with natural, organic materials. Linen and soft organic cottons are ideal for the interchangeable UK summer weather, as they provide breathable, temperature regulating conditions for you whilst you sleep, they are also extra cooling during the high temperatures. These light bedding options are also super soft and hypoallergenic, perfect for those who may suffer with allergies. Bonus tip – they can also help ease symptoms from hayfever, encouraging an uninterrupted night’s sleep, so you can rest and breathe easy.


A simple way to refresh your bedroom is to clear any clutter that has collected in the winter months. This will help you have a fresh perception of your home, and open up your space for the summer. Decluttering is simple, no matter the size of your room, with a TV bed, we have handy, discreet storage built-in. From whisper-quiet Ottoman style beds to hidden wire and TV box storage, you won’t even know your clutter is there, plus they are the perfect storage stations for heavy winter coats and bedding!
A cluttered room is proven to limit relaxation by causing anxiety, so simply store it all away. Our TV beds also have in-built speaker systems, so there is no need to have extra speakers taking up space in your room.

Switch up your scents

Light a new scented candle or aromatherapy oil to create a new ambience for summer. Long gone are the heavy scents of cinnamon and pine which are popular in summer, we recommend citrus scents for a refreshing change, or bergamot and basil to boost those feel-good endorphins.

Let the light in

Play with the light sources in your room to illuminate new angles and expose yourself to as much natural daylight as possible. A mirror reflects light and is a good option to place in darker corners, to instantly open up your bedroom, just add a light breeze through a window.

Add outside elements

Summer is the perfect season to be outside, so why not bring the benefits into your bedroom. Think freshly cut flowers in bold, vibrant hues for an instant uplift and a subconscious calming effect.

Follow these five simple hints and we can guarantee you’ll be summer ready in no time!



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