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Are TV Beds worth it?
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Are TV Beds worth it?

Here at TV Bedstore, we’re huge fans of the media bed, it goes without saying. From endless entertainment, comfort and connectivity there are a myriad of benefits that comes with having a TV bed in your home.

If you’re thinking of investing in a TV bed, but just can’t quite decide or something is holding you back, we’re here to help. We are huge believers in the benefits of a TV bed to your overall quality of life and we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect fit with our supreme range of media beds.

Improve your surroundings

As we’re now in lockdown 3.0, it’s even more important to keep things fresh in your home. Not only for your mental state, (a quick home improvement releases the reward chemicals in the brain), but also for your day to day routine. We spend so much time in our beds and bedrooms, now more than ever, so why not invest in this room to feel the most benefit?

A TV bed not only offers an upgrade to your sleeping arrangements, with in-built surround sound state-of-the-art speakers, perfect to play the radio or playlists while you work. Our TV beds also offer extra, secret storage, which enables you to keep your space clear and clutter-free, it’s a win-win.

Upgrade your tech with ease

Not only do our media beds provide an in-built TV, where you can lie back, relax and delve into the latest docu-series at the touch of a button. They are designed with connectivity in mind, we have USB ports on the side of the headboard, so you can charge your phone and tablet while you charge your batteries through sleep.

Look after your wellbeing

With all the lockdown advice we are following, getting out for walks, exercising and setting new routines to keep us well both physically and mentally, why not upgrade and invest in your sleep? A new bed and new mattress promotes better sleep hygiene, offering a fresh addition to re-energise your bedroom. If you are having trouble sleeping, a new bed can offer a solution that can encourage better sleep habits.

It’s a timeless investment

A TV bed also has a luxury appeal, while the cinemas are closed, switch up your TV viewing and stream the latest releases from the comfort of your own bed. Teamed with a 4.1 surround system, you can experience a high quality viewing experience (or Zoom quiz), directly under your duvet. Our TV beds are also crafted and built to last, we can guarantee a TV bed is a wise investment you will not regret.

We’re happy to help with all your TV bed questions, and while we can’t host you in person at the moment, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email with any queries you may have.



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